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Anthony Prosk

Musicianship is a life-long process of musical development. Musicianship is about training the student not just to be a player of an instrument, but to be a musician. The best way to do that is to take the instrument away.

This course is an introduction to the skills that are the basis of musicianship - ear training, music theory, rhythmic training, the practice of writing down musical examples upon hearing them, how to perform melodies and rhythms accurately at sight, hearing the silence as well as the notes, inner hearing and feeling the silent pulse, musical memory, sight singing, understanding and making music without the crutch of an instrument.

This 12 week introductory course in the Art of Musicianship is being offered through Continuing Education programs, music schools, or by individual and small group instruction.

Contact Anthony at or 250-221-0065.

Course outline

  • What is Musicianship
  • The Components of Musicianship and How it is Accomplished
  • What is Music & The Origins of Music
  • Brief Overview of the History and Development of Music
  • The Elements of Music: Melody, Harmony and Rhythm
  • The Importance of Basic Piano Skills
  • Ear Training and The Importance of Listening
  • Rhythmic Training
  • Reading Music and Sight Singing
  • Theory and Analysis
  • The Physics of Music: Overtones, the Harmonic Series and Pythagoras

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