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This clinic offers students practical methods for achieving the fastest results in the shortest time...the Quick Path. These methods have been passed on through a lineage of teachers and have been proven to work through direct experience and application. This is a hands-on clinic where methods are explained and demonstrated, then applied by students.

Summary of topics for this clinic

  • The 4 Components of Flute Playing: Breath, Lips, Fingers & Tongue
  • Correct Playing Position
  • Breath Support,Wind Velocity, Air Stream
  • Embouchure, Intonation, Angle of Airstream, Lip Aperture
  • Control of the Sound, Tuning and Pitch, Tone Color, Vibrato
  • Dynamics- What are They, How They Affect Pitch, Effective Use
  • Fingering- Basic, Overblowing and Assisted Harmonics
  • Speed, Range, and Control
  • The Mechanics of the Flute and How it Works
  • A Brief History of the Development of the Flute
  • The Correct Way to Handle a Flute and Put it Together
  • Caring for The Flute: Cleaning, Oiling, Adjustments, Repairs
  • Practice Methods for the Quickest Results in the Shortest Time
  • How to Integrate and Retain What You have Learned

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