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Nu Impressions on stage

Chris Kodaly and Anthony Prosk

Nu Impressions is a concept developed by Chris Kodaly and Anthony Prosk as a vehicle for bringing the diverse expressions of Twentieth Century music to the general public.

Do you go to concerts to hear your old favorites or to hear something new? Nu Impressions invites you to enter the Twentieth Century before you leave it. “Bizarre”, “unplayable”, “lacking respect for tradition”, these terms were applied to many great composers including Beethoven, Brahms and Debussy - but the ear becomes attuned by listening and new masterpieces become appreciated. Nu Impressions invites you to become a part of the process of cultural creation and hear the sound expression of our living present.

Nu Impressions is a music performance ensemble that has specialized in French Impressionism and other contemporary art music for over twenty five years. Nu Impressions features pianist Chris Kodaly and flutist Anthony Prosk with guest performers.

The name Nu Impressions is derived from the Egyptian goddess of time and space, Nuit (Nut or Nu), who unites the sky and the Earth. Nuit symbolizes the “All" - pure potentiality - both as it flowers into the physical universe and as it resides beyond embodiment. She also represents the infinitely expanded circle whose circumference is unmeasurable and whose centre is everywhere. The music and philosophy of Nu Impressions embodies these principles.

Nu Impressions is a collaboration of art forms using sets painted by contemporary Canadian artists, most notably Michael Aronoff from Salt Spring Island. Modern interpretive dancers are often featured in their programs. Guest performers have included Peter Taschak. Bruce Dinsmore, Ron Thaler, Ian van Wick, Bill Smith, Stu Salmond, Ross McCall, Michael Aronoff, Tim Williamson, Glenda Rasmussen, Michael Anthony, Lottie Devindisch and Izadora L. Godchild.