A musical tribute

Playing flute leaning against an Arbutus tree

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1. Captain’s Passage
Cast your fate to the wind and the waves on this voyage into uncharted waters.

2. Midnight on Mayne
At midnight the tranquil stillness of the island gives rise to this nocturnal soundscape inspired by Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie #3.

3. Penders’ Pastorale
Harmony exists in the melodic interplay where wind meets meadow and waves meet shore. Derived in part from a Mozart piano concerto.

4. Active Pass
Harmonic and melodic motifs born from Claude Debussey’s L’isle Joyeuse were transformed to reflect the ever changing tidal textures of Active Pass.

5. Saturna Sunrise
The quiet majesty of the rising sun is expressed in this tone poem, an interpretation of the Sicilienne from Pelias and Melisande by Gabriel Faure.

6. Galiano Winter Aire
Cedar boughs dusted with glistening snow shimmer in the iridescence of a misty moonlit night. Based on Chopin’s Nocturne in G minor, Opus 15 #3.

7. Salt Spring Summer Rain
Water nymphs frolic and lilies flourish on the lake where rippling rings dance to the rhythm of falling rain. An improvisation around excerpts from Ravel’s Jeux D’eau.