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Diana and Tone in Studio

Diana Dean and Tone in Diana's studio

This 2nd edition of “Gulf Islands Suite” features two paintings by internationally renown and widely acclaimed Salt Spring artist Diana Dean. Diana consented to me being inserted into the cover painting Foxgloves and Arbutus, and the inside panel features a photo of me in Diana’s studio here on Salt Spring with her painting Evening in My Garden. Ever inspired, Diana paints day and night, and has created a prodigious body of work over the span of her artistic career.

Visit dianadean.com to view the extent and quality of her work.


Cover painting Foxgloves and Arbutus - Diana Dean
Portrait photo Evening in My Garden - Stephen Glanville
Background photos - Thomas Martin
Graphic design - www.perubluesky.ca

Additional thanks
Diane Paull, Stephen Glanville, Diana Dean,
Anne and Tony Prosk Sr., Sarcy and Colleen

Dedicated to the memory of Constance Clarinda “Goodie” Goodall